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Silver Night Robbery - text k metalové písničce

Ve svých třiceti letech jsem poprvé navštívila hudební festival, Masters of Rock. Metal mám ráda, bylo to úžasné, ale domnívám se, že nebyl dán dostatečný prostor BDSM a vlkodlakům, což je nepřípustná diskriminace. Sepsala jsem proto následující příběh. Pokud k němu chcete složit pěknou metalovou muziku, ozvěte se mi :-). A jestli ne, zazpívejte si ho na melodii písničky Black Wind, Fire and Steel od mojí oblíbené skupiny Manowar.

Text bych ráda věnovala Altairovi, který byl mojí inspirací a také kritikem první verze, čímž mě přiměl napsat druhou, lepší.

Silver Night Robbery
(compatible with Black Wind, Fire and Steel by Manowar)

Optional intro:
"It began when I was thirteen
no one was really surprised.
As regards my loved ones
I'm pretty in control.
Parents taught me to cope with it,
and I got a dog
to keep me company
during those tough moments
each month..."

When tension grew up stronger and I feared I wouldn't deal
I went to the basement for my violence to conceal
silver collar keeping me in where the beasts belong
Metal and my Master's will, solid, firm and strong

Be aware of silvery night
Be aware of silvery night
The power you'll meet and fight
Be aware of silvery night

Night was halfway over, I lay, Roya by my side
Sense of hearing sharpened, yet not fully modified
Warned me of a visitor, sneaking through the dark
I let out with quiet growl and Roya started bark

Though I hoped that no one's harmed or even killed at first
In my Master I would feel a sudden pain to burst
Fed by anger flooding me the beast grew more and more
I defied my Master's orders and got through the door

Robber froze with dismay as we came into his sight
I disarmed his right hand first and shouted "Roya, bite!"
No use shooting, lead would be wasted anyway
Behaved like a predator, now become my prey!

Encouraged by smell of blood and throttled screams of pain
Beast took charge inside my mind, then I became insane
Fed my hunger choosing only parts which tasted best
Tiny bones I swallowed, on the floor I spat the rest

Starving for my Master's flesh I had to tame the lust
Roya licked his wounded body lying in the dust
It was hard to overrule, but promises I keep
I went back to basement where I put the beast to sleep

Never on a silver night dare rob a house I guard
Remains of the intruder we buried in the yard